Morningstar Shibas - Defrauded/Broke Show Dog Contract

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Update by user Jan 11, 2013

I would like to add the Ms. Morningstar has another email address,

Update by user Nov 24, 2012

I would like to give an update to my complaint. On November 14th 2012, I sent an email to Ms. Morningstar. The email did not come back undelivered, so I know she received it. As you will read, I am a very rational person and only want Ms. Morningstar to sign off on my female like she agreed. I signed a contract for a show/breeding dog, not a pet. This female can not be bred and have AKC puppies without Ms. Morningstar signing off on her. I did not pay over $5000 for a pet! I have not heard from Ms. Morningstar, she ignores this email.

Please read below.


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I would like to be done with this. I am in bad health and I know that this can not be good for you either. Both you and I have bigger things to worry about.

All I am asking is for you to sign off on Lily\'s AKC papers and send them to me. I have paid you $2500 for Lily, and paid $300 to ship Polani and given you registration of Polani(who I paid $2500 for to you already). You agreed to sign off on Lily once you took ownership of Polani, I\'m just asking for you to hold your end of the agreement.

Although you agreed to pay for Polani\'s shipping, the shipping will be a mute point, since I owed you a couple hundred dollars for Lily\'s health certificate and meds and buckets.

Once I recieve Lily\'s papers, I will rescind all complaints against you and I will agree to sign a paper agreeing to this. And we will agree never to talk to one another nor sue one another. I will wish you good luck in your showing and we can go forward in our programs.

I do not have the Taki X Keiko puppy anymore, you have no worries there.

I think this agreement is very rational, and we can agree that we both will come out on top by doing this. The less stress the better.


Stephanie Abel

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2012

On September 13th 2011, I bought an AKC registered female from Ms. Morningstar for $2500 on co-ownership with the promise Ms. Morningstar to sign off with full payment or puppy back. The balance owed was only $1000 left.About a month after I bought this female, I was going to sell my Japanese import stud. I called Ms. Morningstar and asked her if she wanted him, in lieu of the balance owed on the female, and then she can sign off. She agreed wholeheartedly, and was excited to get him.. as he was worth way more than $1000. I asked her about shipping him, she said to ship him and she would pay me back.So I paid for his shipping, sent him to her with AKC registration expecting to be repaid and then get Ms. Morningstar to sign off on my female.Since this has happened, I have finished the girl with AKC and UKC Champion titles, also I have got her OFA hips, patellas and Cerf done.

Now, a year later.. Ms. Morningstar has not paid me pack for shipping my import to her, or signed off on my female!!

The story doesn't end there...My Grand Champion stud was used with a female that Ms. Morningstar co-owns. Before the breeding I called her, telling her about this breeding and to verify she would sign off on the litter. As I was owed a puppy back in lieu of the stud fee. I also wanted to see if she want a puppy out of this breeding. Her response was "I don't want a puppy from that breeding" "I don't care if you do the breeding or not, I'll sign off on the litter."I have my puppy back now from the breeding, and guess what...yep, Ms. Morningstar won't sign off on that whole litter. Not even to the puppy in a pet home.

So here I am with 2 dogs from Morningstar, one puppy dog with no papers.. and one champion female she won't sign off on AKC registration, rendering me unable to breed her. Not to mention my Japanese import stud is gone. I was warned by many others, but chose to give the benefit of the doubt. Next time I'll listen when several people tell me that a person is bad news!

Also, Ms. Morningstar has sold the JP import to another breeder! The very same import I sent to her and she was supposed to pay for his shipping.

Review about: Show Dog.

Monetary Loss: $5000.



By the way, per the last paragraph of Stephanie Abel's tale of deceit above ("Also, Ms. Morningstar has sold the JP import to another breeder!

The very same import I sent to her and she was supposed to pay for his shipping."), the breeder in question is Lonita Kress of GoldKress Shibas in Lawrence, KS. She knew the stud dog in question belonged to Stephanie, but still took him anyway. For those who don't believe this, those who think these "ladies" aren't capable of bamboozling other breeders/buyers, a signed sale contract between Ms Morningstar & Ms.

Kress for the dog in question (Polani) exists and has been seen by a number of people in the breed. Don't just be careful of the breeders who openly cheat others, make sure you check out who they're in bed with...

to Anonymous #1002969

To whoever the above "anonymous" poster is this is Lonita and YES I bought Polani completely above board from joni and Stephanie KNEW I was buying him because I called her and talked with her about it... so before you go accusing someone of something get your *** facts straight!

to Anonymous #1006747

Lonita, oh what a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive...and you'll always get exposed (maybe you ought to get your facts straight!).

to Anonymous #1116735

Lonita, what's sad is that you bought the dog before Joni satisfied her end of the agreement with Stephanie. What's even sadder is that Stephanie didn't know about it until after you signed Joni's sale contract on 10/15/2012 at the show.

Your memory seems to be faulty in your advancing years, Stephanie actually found out about the sale from someone who witnessed it at the hotel (not you!) and from someone the witness told, then she called you to find out what the *** was going on. She never approved the dog being sold to you before you signed Joni's really should get your *** facts straight!

to Anonymous #1189262

No response as of this date, Lonita knows she was in the wrong..."Silence is Golden."

to Anonymous Fremont, California, United States #1236999

Lonita Kress's silence speaks volumes about what she did...she made a deal with the devil and didn't care who it hurt!

to Anonymous Fremont, California, United States #1253282

Sad, Lonita Kress says to herself, "What would Donald Trump do?" (and follows that mantra!). Well, he's screwed a lot of people for a long time & gotten away with it...birds of a feather flock together!


I was done the same way by Joni Morningstar, Morningstar Shibas. I signed a contract for a puppy back and she would sign off of a $2,500 *** I bought from her.

After the first litter I sold a puppy for her and made her $1,000. On the second litter she refused to sign off of the papers and refused to respond to emails and phone calls. Thank God A.K.C.

knows of her and gave me the papers anyway. Stay away from Morningstar Shibas and do not buy a dog and allow Joni Morningstar to be on the papers.


Ms. Morningstar had as high as 76 dogs in the mid-summer of 2012, down to 72 in October and 69 the very last time I saw her.

When Animal Control came the first week of November, she had 69 dogs, but told them she had 49 (didn't show them all the dogs, especially the ones crammed in to the laundry room, yes, crated dogs stuffed in a small room!). Of the 69 dogs, approximately 29-32 of them spent up to 23-hours a day in their crates with 3-rotations max per day to pee or ***. Also, Ms. Morningstar had no kennel license, even though she told people she did (supposedly paid $500 mid-summer 2012 for a license, but never did!).

During 2012, she did 10 breedings w/10 litters whelped and at least 3-more litters born just prior to 2012 (approximately 13 litters in 12-month period). In Oregon any "kennel" or facility with over 50-dogs is considered a puppy mill, she was well over that.

Unfortunately, Animal Control believed her about the number of dogs on the property and her kennel help kept the premises quite clean, so she got away with it. All this is over & above the complaints listed below, so come to your own conclusions about whether or not this is someone you'd want to do business with...

Seattle, Washington, United States #579932

Hey as a professional photographer I will let you know that YOU DO have ALL RIGHTS to that photograph, WE CAN NOT LIMIT YOUR USE ON A PHOTO OF YOU OR YOUR POSSESSIONS!!! So to the "photographer" that claims to have taken that pic they are horribly wrong keep on posting and using that pic!!

to SixpencePhotos #613054

Thank you for clarifying the situation.


Sorry, this site will not allow me to *** any pictures. The picture was given to me when I owned this dog, therefore I did not feel I had to ask permission to use it.


remove the center picture of this dog...Polani, I took this picture and did not receive permission from anyone to use it in a manner like this.


Too many people defrauded and tRicked by one breeder. having them sign contacts and then having them sign another contract at the same time recindinding everything you think you signed for in the first place.

Most of the newer people o not know the difference and then there is another victem!

Why do people have to cheat and not do their due diligence as a breeder for the dogs, but instead make it all abot taking peoples money and then never signing off on the dogs or their litters until more and more money is forthcoming? It is like a Ponsi scheme!


I'm from overseas and had contact with ms. morningstart many years ago....I have found her to be very dishonest and onreliable and she even falsed a JKC pedigree from one of her dogs into a japanese import female named Mikan...the raeson was she didn't want to loose the 5 point major she had on her, as within a month AKC wants JKC pedigree, otherwise you loose your 5 point major.

From that moment on I broke all contact with's only a very big pity to see after soooo many years she is still able to screw people in USA and europe!!! Shame on her!!!!


I also am listed on her contract along with puppy mills and other breeders, This contract is very inflammatory since it lumps good breeds with horrid puppy mills ( which is anyone having over 60 dogs) I feel she listed me due to my not liking the amount of dogs she has and have said so. I never bought a dog from her, nor would I.

She threatens people all the time with law suits, but you know what, you can't be sued for telling the truth.

She just tries to scare people she has done wrong. IMO

to Laura Perkinson #585571

but you had no problem breeding to her dog musashi when it was convenient to you

to Anonymous #613051

The origional poster on this forum never bred to the stud dog "Musashi"...just to clear that up.

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #934715

Funny Anonymous says I bred my *** to Musashi and thinks no one knows this was Joan Morningstar who wrote it as anonymous. As for my breeding my one *** to Mus, this was long before your Joan Morningstar cheated so many people and had so many many shibas who live a life in crates.

I think your have made pack with the Devil Morningstar and someday you will be made to pay for all your cheating. I am just glad i never bought anything from you as God knows what the real Pedigrees are of your puppies, You have done more damage to people and bloodlines then any single person could possibly have done!

Watch out for people who support this Women, they either do not care what happens to the breed or are totally ignorant of the facts!


Hi, I've never had interaction with Joni Morningstar, yet she has me listed on her contract as somebody not to do business with if a Shiba is placed in a show home with an individual, and personally I don't understand this... I'm a reputable breeder, I'm a Breeder of Merit with the American Kennel Club, and I'm listed as a breeder through NSCA, so... I have no idea...


I was also cheated by Joan Morningstar.

I paid for her housing during various shows and despite her promise to repay me, I have never seen a dime in 2 years. I hired a stud from her under a contract for $500 and when the breeding failed, she not only refused to test the stud dog for virility but has refused to return the stud fee in violation of our contract. The female has been impregnated by two other males and had full and healthy litters so I assume her male was sterile. I paid $500 with a guarantee for refund if the breeding failed, and paid shipping fees of another $500. She couldn't care less.

She sold me a female as a show/breeding animal, and my contract with her guaranteed she would not interfere with sale or registration of the puppies. She has blocked the sale and registration and has lied to the AKC about the existence of a supposed "law suit" in order to stop them from taking action against her for violating AKC rules. She has repeatedly lied to me about her intentions regarding our dealings, but has failed to fulfill both contracts I signed with her thereby scuttling the whole value of my dealings with her. She has threatened to never sign off on my girl dog because she has decided she wants to change our contract, although any fool knows you cannot change a contract with someone without their agreement after it has been signed, sealed and delivered. I have $5,000 girl dog now that is worthless. She adds insult to injury by saying scandalous and vitriolic things about me to other breeders, to my buyers and even my own family members. She has defrauded me for over $8,000 and will not return my calls or answer my registered letters requesting restitution. The National Shiba Club, which she belongs to, told me to go on down the road because I was not a member although she has clearly violated their rules. I am really fed up.

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